How to Adjust the Tension on Cordless Blinds?

No interior matches the great looking windows of your place. Cordless blinds are one such decor to your place that serves the purpose while adding elegance to your room. You can choose from the different types and color combinations of the cordless blinds. Whatever is your style statement-serene, elegance, or subdued, you can get a perfect match for your requirement. The complemented furnishings, diffusing natural lights from the windows, and the enhanced colors are synonyms to the cordless blinds.

Adjust The Tension On Cordless Blinds

Ideally not as “cordless”, these latest inclusion of blinds family are free from all of the hassles of strings and hanging parts of the corded blinds. No more breaking of threads in between while you are trying to raise or pull-down blinds. The cordless blinds are supported by the vertical cords with eyelets to ensure the coordinated movement of slats but are free from the hanging cords or extended cords.

The cordless blinds are operated using the bottom rail of the blind system. All you have to do is pull, raise, or twist the bottom rail according to your requirement of movement of the slats of the blinds. There is no need for any other supportive structure or help when you can single-handedly operate the cordless blinds using the bottom rail only.

The regular operation of the cordless blinds may develop certain problems related to continuous and frequent usage.

One such problem of cordless blinds is the tension and different levels of the bottom rail. It is not a manufacturing defect but can be worked upon easily to get the best out of your cordless blinds. The process to remove these problems is very easy and can be done within a few minutes only.

The main reason for tension on cordless blinds is the inappropriate handling of the top rail and bottom rail. You need to handle them properly using both of your hands without straining much on one side or the other.

The second most common reason for the tension on cordless blinds is the wrong positioning of the vertical cord that runs through the slat arrangement. You will hardly notice this cord but once you are sure about the dysfunction of your cordless blind, you must pay attention to it and look for any possible problem in the eyelets as well.

Another most common problem is the level adjustment of the rails of cordless blinds that can be easily resolved using the plastic tool that is available in almost all of the cordless blinds cases to ensure proper level fitting. Just uncover the rail, take the tool out, rotate it in the hole, and the level of your cordless blinds are adjusted to perfection now.

Cordless Blinds are innovative and effective products in the range of home décor. Eliminate the traditional covers on your windows and glass doors and welcome cordless blinds at your place. How much do you need to spend? Don’t worry the latest cordless blinds are light on your pocket and hard on service!

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