How to Install Cordless Vinyl Blinds?

Blinds are the next fashionable statement at your place. They overcome the problems of normal curtains by protecting your privacy so that you can enjoy the best comfort. Not only this, but blinds allow sufficient sunlight and air in your place. Blinds can be made up of any material like glass, vinyl, wood, etc.

Out of all of the available types of blinds, the best are the vinyl blinds as they are cost-effective, easy to clean, easy to maintain, does not get damaged with moisture, and effectively blocks light. Let us help you to describe the main steps involved in installing cordless vinyl blinds at your place:

Install Cordless Vinyl Blinds

Ready with the basic tool kit, instructions manual, and a free afternoon- let’s begin then!

  • In the first step, you have to position the top bracket of the blinds at the upper part of your window. Make sure to keep a check on the balancing loads of the bracket.
  • The second step involves starting your marking skills by using a pencil to find the exact locations for the screws of the bracket.
  • The third step is the repetition of the first and second steps for the lower brackets of the blinds. Again, take care of the proper marling for the screw drills.
  • The fourth step involves measuring the proper level of the brackets of the blinds so that there must not be any tension in the smooth working of the blinds. You can use the level tool in your toolbox to accomplish the same.
  • The fifth step starts with some real action. Connect the drill-bit smaller than the size of the screws to drill holes at the marked positions.
  • The sixth step involves placing the brackets with the help of screws. Make sure that the brackets fit properly.
  • The seventh step involves the sliding of the headrail of the blinds in the brackets. Don’t try to push the things as they are made to slide gently and any extensive force can permanently damage them.
  • In the eighth step, you have to close or snap the brackets once the headrail is inside them to secure it. It depends upon the type of model of your blinds. Most of the blinds have closing brackets only.
  • The ninth step involves testing of the blinds for the regular functions of rotating, rising, and lowering. Check for any of the squeaking or cracking sounds that call for immediate attention.
  • Your cordless vinyl blinds are good to go!

Thus cordless vinyl blinds are easy to install without any hassle or problems. It is a simple process that can be completed in few minutes only. These do not include the cords for operations and can be easily operated without any sort of tension on one part of the blinds. Owning a one for you is easy as you can choose from the best cordless vinyl blinds available in the market. Own a one, install it, and enjoy it!

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