How to Shorten Cordless Blinds?

Cordless blinds are the next-level fashion statement in your office or home with utmost performance and safety. They are out of reach of your little monsters at home and are free from wear and tear, unlike the corded blinds.

However, owning a perfect cordless blind can be a difficult task. Your architecture may not suit the universal sizes of the cordless blinds.

To avoid the messy look at your place, you have to give the existing cordless blinds a perfect cut. It is however not so easy as blinds are not single piece curtains that can be measured and cut accordingly. Here, we will help you to shorten your cordless blinds with minimal wastage and utmost perfection.

How to Shorten Cordless Blinds

After catching up heavy-duty pliers and razor-sharp scissors, the steps involved in shortening cordless blinds goes like this:

  • First of all, install the blinds over your place using the detailed manual from the company side. Make sure that cordless blinds are installed properly.
  • The second step involves lowering them to perfection so that you can get a clear estimate of the correct size required by you. Make sure that you do not keep any space for the guess-work.
  • The third step involves removing the end cap safely without hurting the bottom rail of cordless blinds.
  • The fourth step makes you choose the new ending slat in the place of the bottom slat as per the size requirements. Ideally, the slat next to the window sill is ok for making the new bottom slat.
  • The fifth step involves cutting the horizontal connector cords below the newly made bottom slat. Feeling like an Engineer? Make sure that you do not touch the vertical connecting cords. After cutting, remove the connecting cords properly.
  • The sixth step involves raising the bottom rail to the level of the newly formed bottom slat. Don’t try to show cast your gymming skill here as cordless blinds are sensitive to handle in cutting.
  • The seventh step involves the insertion of ladder cords in the bottom rail, cut the metal eyelets, and trim the ladder cords according to the required size.
  • The eighth step involves the threading of ladder cords with the eyelets. Use your hulk feature here, push and compress the eyelets as far as possible, and repeat it for all of the ladder cords.
  • The ninth step involves the final trimming of extra ladder cords below the eyelets of the new slat.
  • The tenth step involves a final check for the proper tucking of the cords in the bottom rail before sliding the slat. Cover it with the protective caps.

Cordless Blinds can be easily shortened using the above-mentioned steps. While doing so please keep in mind that:

  • You are ready with the appropriate tools.
  • You should take measurements properly.
  • You do not put extra pressure on any part of the blinds.
  • You have to take care of the blinds while trimming and fitting.

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